Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle in Tip-Top Shape

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Many people only think about their vehicle’s condition when something goes wrong. Don’t be one of them! If you want to be safe on the road and extend your car’s lifetime, follow these tips for regular maintenance.

Check Your Oil and Other Fluids

The oil keeps your car’s engine running smoothly. To make sure your car has clean oil — and enough of it — follow the recommended oil change intervals in the owner’s manual. You also can check and top off your oil in between oil changes. When you get an oil change, see if the technician can check your car’s other fluids, too.

Rotate Your Tires

The tires on your car wear unevenly. To try to even out that wear as much as possible, have your tires rotated annually. At that time, you can also check with a tire dealer to see if your tire treads are worn out enough to replace. Bald tires can lead to unsafe situations, especially in inclement weather.

Keep Track of Tire Pressure

Some cars automatically update you on the status of your tire pressure, while others do not. Make sure you have a pressure gauge in your vehicle, so you’ll always know when it’s time to top up.

Test Out Your Lights

Don’t wait until you get pulled over to find out you have a broken taillight. It’s a good idea to check lights regularly to make sure they’re working correctly.

Follow Suggested Maintenance Guidelines

Each car is a little different. The people who made your car know it best, so check out your car’s owner’s manual. It has a wealth of information on the preventive maintenance your car needs to stay in great shape.

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Maintaining the condition of your vehicle is key to driving safely on the road. 

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