Teen Drivers Need to Master These 8 Essential Skills

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As a parent, you naturally want your teen to be as safe as possible on the road. And in order to be a truly safe driver, your teenager will need to master some key skills. Here are eight of the most important.

1. Navigating Intersections

Intersections can be overwhelming for new drivers. But if your teen gets into the habit of driving defensively, looking for bikers and pedestrians, and obeying traffic laws, handling intersections will soon be second nature.

2. Driving Safely on Highways

Similarly, many new drivers get easily overwhelmed by highways. Teen drivers should get used to safely passing and following the flow of traffic.

3. Parking

Learning to park correctly is a must, but so is looking out for pedestrians and other drivers. Accidents can happen in parking lots, too!

4. Checking Blind Spots

This can be easy to forget. However, neglecting to check a blind spot may result in an accident. Make sure your teen knows to check blind spots before merging, passing, etc.

5. Safely Merging

Merging is tough for newer drivers to master. In particular, teens should learn to speed up to match the flow of traffic and use a turn signal.

6. Maintaining a Safe Following Distance

If you’ve already spent some time in the car with your new teen driver, you’ve probably seen them tailgate a car or two. But keeping a safe following distance can help them avoid accidents.

7. Driving in Inclement Weather

If your teen driver gets caught in an unexpected snowstorm or another weather event, you want them to know what to do. Make sure they practice driving in downpours, high winds, and other types of weather.

8. Signaling to Other Drivers

Plenty of people on the road don’t use turn signals, but this is a dangerous habit that can result in an accident. Teen drivers should get in the habit of always using one.

Help Your Teen Stay Safe

If your teen learns safe driving habits early on, they’ll be more likely to maintain those habits for a lifetime. Help your teen learn the right way with Auto Safety Driving School! Give us a call at (813) 875-4809 to learn more or get started.

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