Picking the Safest Car for Your New Teen Driver

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So your teen is learning to drive! Having a new driver in the family is an exciting time, but it also means you’ll have lots of decisions to make in order to keep your child as safe as possible. 

Did you know that the age group of 16 to 19 is the most likely to get in a car accident? This is especially true for drivers who have had their licenses for just a few months. In order to keep your teen safe during their most hazardous driving years, picking the right car is crucial.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most important things to keep in mind as you choose a car for your teen, whether you decide to purchase a new vehicle or a used one.

Look for Safety Features

A good safety rating should always be a priority when choosing a car, but safety is even more important for teen drivers. Make sure the obvious safety measures like functioning airbags and seatbelts are present, but also keep an eye out for features like automatic emergency braking, lane departure warnings, and blind spot warnings.

Bigger Is Better

Though smaller vehicles might get better gas mileage in some cases, the bigger, heavier cars tend to be safer in the event of an accident. If a larger car such as a mid-size sedan or small SUV is within your budget, consider choosing this type of car for your teen.

Stick to Reliable Companies

There’s a reason car companies like Honda and Toyota are so popular among consumers, and that’s because their affordability and safety ratings make them an easy choice for drivers of all ages. Make sure the model of the car you choose for your teen is tried and true when it comes to safety. 

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