How to Manage Your Passengers While Driving

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Learning how to drive with passengers in the car is one of the first challenges a new driver faces. Friends talking and laughing or pointing things out on the road are just some of the many distractions a driver needs to deal with. 

If you’re a new driver or even an experienced one, it’s important to set the tone for passengers inside your vehicle. You must let them know that your rules are non-negotiable. 

It’s All About Safety

Being a driver is serious business. In addition to paying attention to the road and following traffic laws, a driver is also responsible for what goes on inside their vehicle. An accident caused by distracted driving could result in the loss of your license or worse. 

Limiting the number of people in your car to the number of seat belts available will prevent overloading the vehicle and creating distracting conditions. It’s also mandated by law. 

Make sure passengers know your rules before you agree to transport them. This will reduce confusion and eliminate the pressure of giving a non-compliant friend a ride because they didn’t know your rules and are now “stuck” without a ride. Also, don’t let passengers pressure you into speeding or disobeying traffic laws just because they are in a hurry. 

Every passenger should follow basic rules to avoid distracting the driver:

  • Wear a seat belt
  • Stay in your seat
  • Use inside voices
  • Avoid wrestling or roughhousing
  • Never use illicit substances

If you follow all these suggestions, you and your passengers will arrive at your destination safely, and you will become known as the driver everyone can trust. 

Safety First

Being the person who can drive friends around town is fun, but it is also a heavy responsibility. Make sure you’re prepared to be a safe driver. Contact Auto Safety Driving School today or call (813) 875-4809.

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