How to Handle Dangerous Driving Situations

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For the most part, driving is a safe and effective way to get from point A to point B, with the vast majority of drivers following the rules of the road. However, you can only control so much from behind the wheel of your car.

You may face any number of dangerous and unexpected situations while driving, from poor weather or road conditions to car troubles, like a tire blowout. You can encounter drunk or distracted drivers, or struggle with noisy passengers in your own vehicle. How can you handle these dangerous situations in order to minimize risk?

Leave Room

Having extra time to react can make the difference between stopping short of a fender bender and calling your insurance company to report an accident. In ideal driving conditions (dry weather, daylight), the rule of thumb is to leave one car length (about 10-15 feet) between you and the car in front of you for every 10 mph of speed.

For example, if you’re going 25-35 around town, leave about 2-4 car lengths. If you’re going 65 on the highway, increase the distance to 6-7 car lengths. If it’s dark, rainy, icy, or foggy, or someone is driving recklessly, leave even more room so that you have plenty of time to react and avoid a crash.

Always Signal

Using your turn signal sounds obvious, but it may surprise you to learn that many drivers tend to forego signals when turning or changing lanes. When you use your blinker, you signal to other drivers that you intend to move through traffic, allowing them to accommodate you and minimizing the risk of an accident.

Pull Off the Road

Even if you choose the safest car and drive responsibly, you can’t control everything. When driving becomes unsafe for any reason, pull off the road in a safe location until you can address the issue or the danger has passed.

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