Teen Drivers Need to Master These 8 Essential Skills

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As a parent, you naturally want your teen to be as safe as possible on the road. And in order to be a truly safe driver, your teenager will need to master some key skills. Here are eight of the most important. 1. Navigating Intersections Intersections can be overwhelming for new drivers. But if your […]

Things to Know Before Taking Your Road Test

One of the most stressful parts of driving (other than driving itself) is taking the Florida road test. However, if you have studied hard and practiced as much as possible under the instruction of one of the best Tampa driving instructors, you’ll be in great shape to pass that test with flying colors. Knowing what […]

Where Can I Practice Driving?

If you’re a student driver considering places to practice driving in Tampa, your top priority must be safety — your own and that of other people.  Taking private driving lessons in Tampa is an excellent way to ensure you follow the laws and always operate your vehicle with safety top of your mind. Places to […]

Picking the Safest Car for Your New Teen Driver

So your teen is learning to drive! Having a new driver in the family is an exciting time, but it also means you’ll have lots of decisions to make in order to keep your child as safe as possible.  Did you know that the age group of 16 to 19 is the most likely to […]

What You Need to Know About Teen Driving Statistics and Safe Driving Facts

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As a parent of a teen learning to drive, it’s normal to be worried about your child’s safety on the road. Though many teen drivers will grow out of their teenage years without any serious accidents on their record, it’s important to understand the statistics surrounding teen driving and the risk factors that make teen […]

Should Parents Be Teaching Their Teens How to Drive?

Parents want what is best for their children, and when the time comes for teens to learn how to drive, it can be tempting for parents to want to teach them the rules of the road themselves instead of trusting someone else to do it. However, the best thing for parents to do when it […]

Rules to Make Your Teen Driver Safer

Handing your teen the keys to the car can be an unnerving prospect, but knowing the most important rules to teach them can make it significantly less stressful. Helping your teen become the safest and most capable driver possible is critical.  Ways to Be a Safe Teen Driver According to the NHTSA, in 2020, there […]

Ways to Support Your Teen Through Driver’s Ed

Some young people take to driving with ease and experience very few hiccups on the road to earning their license. For others, however, it can be a long, arduous, and stressful experience that tests their self-confidence and tries your patience.  While it’s ultimately your teen’s journey to complete, you can support them as a parent […]