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Auto Safety Driving School

Driving lessons are booking about 4-8 weeks out, but this can vary depending on your unique situation.

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4 Lessons

$ 636 / 11% Savings!
  • 90 Minute Lessons
  • 4 Driving Lessons
  • Free Pickup & Drop-off

6 Lessons

$ 924 / 14% Savings!
  • 90 Minute Lessons
  • 6 Driving Lessons
  • Free Pickup & Drop-off

8 Lessons

$ 1192 / 17% Savings!
  • 90 Minute Lessons
  • 8 Driving Lessons
  • Free Pickup & Drop-off

Single Lesson

$ 179 / per lesson
  • 90 Minutes
  • 1 Driving Lesson
  • Free Pickup & Drop-off

Popular Questions and Answers

Do you offer pickup and drop-off?

Yes! With all of the courses we offer free pickup and drop-off depending on your zip code.

Does your school provide cars for lessons?
All lessons are administered in Auto Safety Driving School vehicles, which are dual controlled. We have brakes and rear view mirrors on the passenger side.
What do your driving lessons cover?

During the course we will cover everything needed to learn to drive: Road rules, lane changing, defensive driving, interstate driving (once the student is ready!), and all of the driving test maneuvers.

Do you offer road tests with your lessons?

We do not offer any road testing services for students to obtain their drivers license. We hope to implement that option in the future, but as of now we do not offer testing services.

Will I/my student receive a certificate for completing their lessons?

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate that you can submit to your insurance company for a potential discount.

Picking the right school for you.

Although we hope you choose us, here are a few important things to always ensure prior to selecting a driving school:

1. The company is authorized by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

2. All vehicles are registered with FLHSMV and they are properly insured.

3. FLHSMV is certificate holder of each vehicle.

4. The company is properly registered and compliant with state law.

Auto Safety Driving School

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