BEWARE: The Alarming Dangers Teens Face on the Road

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Learning to drive as a teenager can be very exciting. However, families must remember that driving is a significant responsibility that must be taken seriously. Dangers appear on the road daily, especially on highways where cars are moving at high speeds. Here are three of the most common hazards facing teens on the road today.


Speeding is a form of aggressive driving. It reduces the time teens have to react to other drivers while making it harder for safety structures (like guardrails) to protect them. 

For some teens, speeding is about thrill-seeking. Others may not pay attention to the posted speed limit or be unaware of how fast they drive. Make sure to talk to your teen about the dangers of speeding, for themselves and for other drivers on the road.


Teens love having their friends in the car or singing along to their favorite songs as they move from one destination to the other. However, these things can be distracting for a new teen driver. 

Encourage your teen to avoid chauffeuring their friends around during their first year of driving. Insist that they refrain from other distracting activities, such as playing with the radio or looking at text messages. These behaviors increase the likelihood of driving errors that can lead to a crash.


Being impaired behind the wheel isn’t always about alcohol or illegal substances. It can also result from drowsiness caused by prescribed medication or sleep deprivation. 

Remind your teen that being fully alert is key to making good driving decisions and avoiding accidents. If they take prescriptions with driver safety warnings, help them create a medication schedule to ensure they won’t be drowsy when they get in the car.

Good Driving Education Can Make All the Difference

Research shows that teens having supervised driving practice matters in developing safe driving habits. The best way to face the risks associated with teen driving is to ensure that they are exposed to consistent, high-quality education before they ever get behind the wheel alone. 

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