6 Unexpected Driving Situations & How to Handle Them

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No matter how much you practice driving, it’s still possible to run into unexpected situations on the road. Here are a few challenging scenarios and how to handle them.

1. Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning happens when you drive over water and lose traction. It becomes very easy to lose control of your vehicle. If this happens, don’t slam on your brakes! Take your foot off the gas pedal and gently steer the car in the direction you’re skidding.

2. Poor Visibility Due to Oncoming Headlights

If oncoming cars have their high beams on, it can be extremely difficult to see the road. If this happens, avoid staring directly at the headlights. Do your best to focus on the lane markers while still keeping your eyes on the rest of the road.

3. Tire Blowouts

Especially when traveling at high speeds, tire blowouts can be scary! Your car may suddenly pull to the side. If this happens, be careful to not overcorrect. Gradually slow down, turn on your hazard lights, and navigate safely to the side of the road.

4. Aggressive Drivers

If you find yourself targeted by an aggressive driver, do your best to not provoke them. Let them pass if possible, and don’t make eye contact. If the driver continues to harass you, find a safe place to stop — a busy public place or a police station is ideal.

5. Fog

Adjusting your driving to road conditions is a critical part of becoming a safe driver. If you run into fog, slow down and use low-beam headlights. High beams cause glare and make it harder to see.

6. Animals in the Road

Swerving to avoid an animal will often cause more harm than good. If you see one, slow down as soon as you can. Just make sure to check for any vehicles approaching from behind. If you can’t avoid a collision, brace yourself for impact. If you’re about to hit a deer or moose, duck downward in case the animal comes through your windshield.

Learn How to Handle Any Driving Situation with Ease

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