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The Auto Safety experience begins the moment you speak with anyone at our driving school. We strive for clear and precise communication. Your questions will be expertly answered.

Longevity and Recognition

Since 1978 Auto Safety Driving School has been educating “the next generation of drivers” 

Our longevity is a testament to our level of service and consistency. Word of Mouth has been our best form of advertising. We have been fortunate to provide instruction to those of all walks of life in the Greater Tampa Bay Area: Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Sarasota, and more!

Quality Instruction and Customer Service have earned Auto Safety Driving School the most recognition and recommendations. Auto Safety Driving School is recommended by both public and private schools as well as insurance agents and our extended network of friends and family, not to mention all the satisfied Auto Safety Driving School clients.

What Auto Safety parents and students are saying.

Auto Safety Driving School only uses cars with top rated safety scores.

Why We Chose the Nissan Versa

At Auto Safety Driving School, we prioritize our student’s safety and confidence behind the wheel. Our fleet of Nissan Versas, renowned for their exceptional 5-star overall safety rating, ensures you learn to drive in the most secure environment. With expert instructors and a comprehensive curriculum, we’re dedicated to helping you become a skilled and responsible driver. Join us on the road to safe and successful driving today!

We Often Have A Waiting List - Call Soon

Due to the high demand for our educational programs and our limited time slots, we expect driving lessons in Tampa and tests to be scheduled with care and not canceled for non-emergency reasons. In short, we expect students to make their vehicular education a top priority without interference from other activities. After-school and Saturday time slots, dedicated to our high school students, get booked quickly. In addition, the months of June, July, and August are extremely busy and get filled quickly. We strongly advise calling early, well before your student is eligible to take a driving test. This will give your student the necessary time to practice all that he or she has been taught until it becomes instinctual and, therefore, habit. It will also ensure that lessons and their driving test will be completed on time.

Raising Parent Education to Professional Excellence

We have never had a student, even those thought to be excellent drivers by their parents, who did not raise their level of knowledge or performance while being instructed by us. When we professionally challenge students beyond what parents typically know and can safely do without a dual-control vehicle, the true level of performance becomes evident. In every instance, we have enhanced, from slightly to greatly, what parents have done. In essence, we typically redirect the concepts and practices that parents learned when they were young with the latest advances in safety education, many of which were created by us.

Commitment and Accelerated Education

Our teaching method is totally different—in fact, almost opposite—from what is used in public school driver education. We also educate differently compared to other commercial schools. Students routinely tell us that we do more per session than other educators. We also clearly and precisely advise parents on what they can do between lessons. For these reasons, it is uncommon for students to need or take extra lessons. It is commonly known by our students that we push for performance, not extra lessons.


We are dedicated to giving our students the best possible education. In terms of scheduling and teaching lessons, arriving on time, etc., we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We expect our students and parents to adhere to these same standards.

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